"Make money by leveraging your time for 2 to 3 years, and never work again if you don't want to".  This is hard to believe because most of us are accustomed to making money by working for others.  Employment as we know it should be against the law, it takes unfair advantage of the employee.  It's just mathematically and ethically wrong.

Slavery ended, but who came up with the formula of how much the former slave,  (now the employee) should be paid? The former slave owners.
Was it a democratic process?           No.
Did the population of the world adopt the formula?        Yes -  Today, we still follow the same insane formula created by greedy slave owners.
Was it right?           No.
Is it right now?           No. 
What's right?      After subtracting for expenses, the employer and employee should take 50% of the income produced by the employee.   I think 50% times the number of employees a business has is enough to feed the family of the business owner/s.  If my employee making $25/hr makes my business $2000/hr on the average, he should be paid 50% ($1000/hr less his share of what it costs me to rent the place, pay for workman's comp insurance, the electric bill ... etc.).  It should be against the law for me to keep $1975 out of the $2000/hr he made for me.
Are we going to change the world?  Yes.  In fact I believe it would be unlikely if we don't.  You can help by telling others about this site.  I have created a system that will pay people based on the 50% / 50% method.  I call it IQMLM (it's MLM + my rules that correct the problems with MLM).  100% of the people can succeed100% of the time."We improve easily"
"It's hard not to"
- Behtaj.

The pinata - Your 10 year old boy Johnny takes 5 large bags and 5 small plastic toy shovels with him to a birthday party.  He gathers his 4 close friends and equips each of them with a bag and shovel.  50 kids gather around ready to collect all the toys and candy when the pinata breaks.  After it's all over Johnny and his friends (10% of all the kids) have scooped up 95% of all the candy and toys.  Johnny takes 90% leaves 5% for his 4 friends to share between them.  An argument starts and you go to help. After listening to all sides you force your son Johnny to share equally.   The fact is no parent would ever let his child take such a big share.   Then why do we do that in business?  If G-D wanted to get involved and show us how to chop up the money in business, he would take the expenses out, then split what's left 50/50.  Just as any parent would in the example above.  It's simply correct.  Then why is it the employer takes such a big portion and the employees just go along? Because we've been conditioned to think it's right.  It's wrong mathematically as well as ethically.  Employees should not be kept starving for money.

G-D gives us more freedom than we give our children, otherwise he would never allow the world to pay employees this way.

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