Smart way to educate

The goal is to make better people who are also productive to the ultimate degree of ability in what gives them the most satisfaction.

Learning how to learn is missing in our schools.  When someone learns how to learn, he is learning 24x7 and not just when in the classroom.  For example: Too many people are missing the boat because they hide or ignore their mistakes instead of learning from the experience to do better next time.  The same person will continue to argue his position even after he realizes he was wrong. Destructive not productive.

Ethics is missing in our schools.  Ethics and religion are not the same.   The straight "A" student becomes a successful surgeon.  Sitting in his beautiful Beverly Hills backyard, having an enjoyable discussion with  his beautiful wife over coffee as his children are having a great time with friends all over his spacious home.  As the discussion matures, he realizes that his wife was right 20 minutes earlier and he was wrong.  Instead of immediately letting her know, he hides it.  Frustrated, his wife decides to find something else to do.  This very accomplished highly-educated man was damaged during his education by way of omission.  He was too busy competing to get straight "A's" (being right) and was never taught that being wrong is also a way of winning.  We learn from our mistakes; if we don't look at them, we don't learn.

Multiply the attitude of this man by millions of other people in our world who didn't mature the best way; who actually grew up thinking it's all about being right all the time.  Add this to the other problems illustrated on the other pages of this site: Smart way to marriage & Smart way to money, and it's evident why we have so many problems in the world.

Obviously I'm not saying that all straight "A" students turn out to be people who don't "fess up" when they're wrong.  My point is we don't allow religion into our schools, but we forget to bring in ethics.

Choosing a major shouldn't be encouraged till the third year of college.  Students should choose the classes that interest them the most, and have fun taking classes they enjoy.  Then from the results of their first two years, a professional analysis can reveal what they are destined to be in life.  From that result, the students should be given required classes to take to complete who they are and graduate in their major.

Improving the chance of stopping war.  The top 5% get A+.  The lion hearted student who also has the ability to do A+ work likes the challenge.  But the soft hearted student who has A+ ability but is not up to the challenges gets an A or B+.  The impressive universities get the A+ students (the Lions), the softhearted flower child student goes to a less desirable school.  The leaders of the world, such as the president of the United States all come from the group of A+ students (the Lions who like the challenge).  So then when the world leaders meet to try to stop war, they are all the Lion hearted variety who like challenge.  
This might seem like a small issue, but when you consider all the other issues pointed out on this site, I have no doubt in my mind that the synergy of little improvement here and there will actually "Significantly improve the world" 

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​As individuals we learn from our mistakes

As the human race we don't

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